What you are, you should know about the care of the skin of the face

People, especially women, tend to spend a lot of time and money in product of face. Simple truth is, the “face of skin care,” it is that it must be seen as more than anything discipline. Skin care routine is intended that you need, this is made up of four very important step.

Four steps are as follows.

1. Cleansing

2. Toning – options

3. Moisturizing

4. Exfoliating


This is your first step in skin care routine of face. Through the cleansing of the skin, thereby preventing the cleaning and damage, skin of dirt, contaminants, and to remove grease and excess oil. Your face, at night and in the morning, you must cleanse at least twice voice. After lightly massage using the upward stroke, by applying any of the detergent in the form of your face and neck lotions and creams, cleanse your face. Please do not rub – Use one of the soft tissues and cotton wool, wipe the cream off using the movement of the lightly putting.


Facial skin care routine in the next, it has been toned. This is optional and may be omitted if necessary. If you have to clean properly skin, this can be compensated by using a toner. However, toning, dirt, could have been left in the grease and earlier I will be able to remove all traces of excess cleaning agents. Please consider this fact. Alternatively, rather than using daily toner for occasional special occasions only if you have been exposed to contamination, that is, or can be used.

Moisture retention

Then, I am moisturizing. But perhaps the most important part of the face of the routine. Moisturizing By using moisturizers, and preventing the skin from getting dry, and you have to prevent the occurrence of additional problems. As with cleanser, you will need to use a gentle upward strokes. Wetting agent is more effective when applied to the warm, moist skin.

Peel off

This is an optional, you do not need to perform day-to-day as part of the skin care routine of your face. If there twice to live in peeling cities such as is required as you will be supplemented with 3 to 4 weeks for each skin cells, you need to peel at least once a week. By peeling the skin, and can block the pores, it is to kill any dead skin cells. Note – it is necessary in order to take it of balance, excessive peeling, however, not good for your skin.

In addition to the normal facial skin care routine, for facial skin care, you need to exercise the following:

1. When trying to use just always appropriate makeup remover, please do not wash makeup off.

2. know the type of your skin, and recognizes your environment, and you can select the appropriate product.

3. never always rubbed too hard your skin, it is calm.

4. It is always in order to protect your skin against the sun, use a sunscreen lotion.