What is the ion cleanse foot spa? I understand it before you buy

Change of color in the description of water misleading from other imitation ion cleanse foot spa device that due to argues that the toxin is an indicator that has been pulled out from our feet pole. Cause believes most people indicates that a change of color organ is detoxified have this description.

Facts discoloration, water, salt, caused by a chemical reaction of sweat and electrode. Ion cleanse foot spa device works by performing a process called ionization. This process, in order to re-charge or we then will be fresh and very healthy feeling, is to activate our organs and tissues.

Healthy person, 80% of the negative electron (ie anionic), more commonly positive electrophile known as Yin (ie cation) are supposed to contain 20% (+ ive & – ive) balancing.

Ions is to normalize the immune system able to regain optimum natural health functions cleanse foot spa device. The generated ions, our to organs and tissues is bring more “chi”, please charge to improve our life force. Cure than first small organ – honing method to cure the major organs. Healing begins from inside out. From top to bottom. The majority of the people, will cause that is after you have used cleanse a better well ion foot spa.

Single color change in water is not a strong measure, only moot is left, rather than the amateur, has to meet the professional query.

This is that the value of this technology it is possible to promote the improvement of human health and immune system.

In the long term, by using the ion cleanse foot spa equipment, in order to maintain a high energy level to provide a thorough and efficient way, to improve the immunity of the body to the toxin, and to maintain the long-term health.

There is evidence of a physician observation and reports the improvement of health on the client. Many of our customers, has given a general improvement in good testimony to often the case.

Efficacy or to prove the beneficial efficiency of this device, the test has been carried out by Bob Lynn MD (AM) India.BHNS is, E-PLUS APHom Malaysia via several methodologies to patients you can use the device of ION SPA. The DR. (H) Bob Lin, general health, and in order to improve any physiological improvement or pathological changes, in order to verify the efficiency of E-PLUS ION SPA uses the following method have.

Fuzzy logic sphygmomanometer monitoring systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

EAV Morall machine (German technology) is, to test the energy level and heavy metal pollution of major organs (disease tester).

Pathology laboratory of blood and urine test profile.

First (1) and (2) were performed before and immediately after each session. (3) periodic monitoring.


If the battery level of handphone is a low or of finish, this is the cause of the failure to restart the handphone to us. Restart the handphone, the only way to continue to operate, is to charge the battery to full level.

Same to the human body, today we are causing the type of Exposure to great toxic load the body of disease. This will causes the battery level in the reduction of our body, we need to to do in order to increase the energy of our body, by using this device, it is back charging.