Solutions for Unwanted Facial Hair

Unwanted facial hair is more common than most people realize. Over 20 million women report doing something to remove facial hair at least once a week. Everyone, male and female, has facial hair but for most women, this hair is very fine and not noticeable, but for some, that’s not the case. Some women find they are growing mustaches, sideburns or chin whiskers. The causes of this are varied and generally not serious. Sometimes it’s a simple hormone imbalance, genetics or just simple aging. There are medical treatments available, but some women prefer just to deal with the hair. Some shave, some pluck or wax. If you chose to wax, it’s recommended that you seek professional waxing services as if done improperly it can cause more harm than good, including serious burns.

Waxing completely removes hair and it will not grow back for several weeks. Many women prefer this to having to shave or pluck daily or several times a week. It’s important to follow your clinician’s post treatment care guidelines because waxing tends to leave the skin temporarily irritated. If you care for it properly, you’ll be rewarded with soft, smooth hair free skin for weeks!