Reasons to see your Dentist Regularly

Some people wait years to visit a dentist thinking their teeth are just fine. If that describes you, you may want to rethink your position and visit a local dental clinic in Illinois. Here are some good reasons to see a dentist once or twice a year.

Dental Health Affects your Overall Health

Keeping you teeth and gums healthy helps to keep your whole body healthy. Untreated conditions can lead to medical issues, like infections, digestive issues heart disease and stroke.

Exam and Teeth Cleaning

These are the two main parts of a regular dentist visit. With these, the dentist will look for signs of gum disease, oral cancer, cavities, and damage to your teeth. The cleaning will remove the plaque buildup from places your toothbrush cannot reach.

Keep Cavities from Getting Worse

If you don’t go to a dentist you may not even know a cavity is growing. A filling is a simple procedure but if it is not done, the cavity will get larger and you may lose your tooth.

Prevent Bad Breath

85 percent of people with halitosis have some dental issue that causes it. Checkups and teeth cleaning will help you maintain good oral hygiene and keep your breath fresh.