Do you have science on the ion foot spa behind?

Mechanism ion foot spa, you want to remove the toxins from your body

You, when you want to use the ion foot spa, it actually can check the operation. Once you start, water is clear, you’re done, by the time, the use of water, to inform that the toxin has been pulled out from your body, color is full. How do you work it? Optimal detox foot bath works by electrical balance of the cells of your body is restored to set the penetration conditions through it. Your body is usually carries 70-90 millivolt charge in the cell, unhealthy lifestyle and conditions, often lead to general ill feeling, reduce its charge 10 to 20 millivolts you can be. Science now cell of our bodies, and even many cancers of degradation, tells us that it is possible to return free radicals, in the presence of oxygen cells with partially unpaired electron. Large optimal detox foot bath charge, results in a overall health and well-being, is designed to deny those free radicals, and have been made to fill your body in a highly charged ions.

Ionic detox foot bus, against the accumulation of positive ions, and is designed to deny free radicals works by flooding the body with negative ions. Most scientists now, abundance of free radicals, you agree that there can lead to serious health effects such as cancer.

Science in the ion foot spa behind

Optimum ionic foot spa is mainly based in that scientific process is called osmosis. The same process is used for medical procedures peritoneal dialysis. This can mean the outside toxins of the body of your body, is that they are to be excited by the power to pass to the lymphatic system, which can be removed as easily waste. Himalayan salt optimizer water array electrodes, accelerate the process, is added to the optimal ion foot bath in order to maximize the negative ion foot bath solution. In order to

Third party testing for abrasion of the metal and the anode ring heavy ionic spa foot bath water revealed heavy metals (except iron and nickel from the wear of the cathode ring). Electron flow moves from the water through the cathode to the anode ring ring plating occurs. More heavy metals, in water, was then discovered in abrasion of the anode ring. When you want to test the water for toxins and impurites, this is important. In addition, waste of cells, since the release of metal, it is important to test the urine, the toxin 35 minutes, occurs after the ion spa session.