Choosing the Right Products for Conception

Because couples who are trying to conceive tend to experience a wide range of emotions as they prepare to change their lives by bringing a new son or daughter into the world, stocking up on products that are designed specifically for this period is a good idea. From supplements known to promote fertility to home pregnancy tests, planning is an important part of preparing for conception.

Supplements for Enhancing Fertility

First and foremost, women who are considering fertility-enhancing products should discuss the supplements that they plan to use with their doctor; after all, each body behaves differently, making it important to clear herbs, vitamins and similar items with a gynecologist or family physician.

That said, some women who are struggling to get pregnant find black cohosh useful in ovarian stimulation, and as added benefit, it has proven itself helpful in relieving menstrual cramping. Red raspberry leaf contains vitamins, minerals and folic acid; it also increases the length of a woman’s luteal phase, giving a fertilized egg a better chance of implanting. Finally, couples who are trying to conceive may increase the odds of pregnancy by using a root called false unicorn; this may stimulate the ovaries and increase the production of human chorionic gonadotropin.

The Importance of Prenatal Vitamins

While a solid diet and multivitamins are an essential part of preparing the body for pregnancy, studies have suggested that the folic acid found in such vitamins is an integral part of ensuring that the fetus does not develop serious brain or spinal cord problems. Iron found in such vitamins also support the fetus as it begins to grow.

Ovulation Predictors and Pregnancy Tests

Some women report success with ovulation predictor kits, which may be useful in determining the most likely days for pregnancy to occur; although these range in price from the affordable to the expensive, many women are committed to the scientific method of predicting ovulation. Once it seems as though conception has occurred, select an HCG test kit to determine pregnancy and have a doctor confirm it through a blood test.

Fertility Simplified

The market for fertility and pregnancy products is ever-expanding, making it possible for couples to choose what works best for their unique circumstances. Whether a family is looking forward to welcoming their first child or their fifth, careful planning may be helpful to those who are trying to conceive.